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Here’s your chance to be a special part of the ‘You & Me’ video by sending a personal message to your family, friends and loved ones which will appear in the video. All you have to do is take a short 20 second video clip of yourself holding a personal message to a very special person, then go to and follow instructions and specs. The clips will be edited together and released as the official ‘You & Me’ music video and broadcasted to the world! 

Most clips will be beautiful ones of you simply holding messages etc (which is perfect) but I know some of you are a little weirder than that. We could try to throw in a little variety. For instance, Hang a sheet off a cliff. Write a message in the Sand. Something written in blood ( just kidding I mean red paint) on your bed . On your body. On the side of a passing car. Eyelids. Or just go on ahead and write it across the sky with a plane. Anything that feels meaningful to you. Get creative with it! Possibly in a place that means a lot to you or near a city landmark to show breadth. 

You will need to sign and send back our release form which can be downloaded HERE ( along with your video. If the form is not signed your video cannot be included. 

For those of you not technical, don’t have time, or just don’t want to be on camera, but still want to be included in this process, you can always help out by donating to the video to help with editing costs to the below link. Each donation will get you a credit in the video and for any donation of $100 or more will get a Producer Credit!!!